Thursday, February 18, 2016

Rain Taxi Review of Books on Jeremiah's Ghost

 "A spirit, a ghost, a disembodied soul—however you want to conceive of it—would most likely hop around and meander through the Universe, perhaps in search of some grand epiphany about existence. In Jeremiah's Ghost, Isaac Constantine's debut novel, the titular character does a fine impression of such a phantasm: he bounces through time and place, unraveling the threads of his young life and searching for a meaningful way to sew them back together. Along the way, he'll contend with grief, fear, pain, love, hate, and sorrow. He'll question his own history, and that of the entire Western World."


Tuesday, December 31, 2013

More Advance Praise for Jeremiah's Ghost From Laura Albert

"Constantine courageously explores how we view our history, blending
the familiar with a broader historical context. He artfully invites an
examination of identity, of what it is to be wounded and to
recover both self and community through a mystical journey of mind,
body and spirit. Political yet personal, Constantine speaks with the
tongue of metaphor and allows us to live in the border towns of unraveling
clarity, with insightful wry humor sharpened by the skill and grace of
a poet. JEREMIAH'S GHOST dares to pose questions that are rarely
tolerated. But Constantine has the rare voice that dares to invoke a
way to heal ourselves of our Ghosts."

-- Laura Albert, author of the JT LeRoy novels Sarah and The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things

Praise for Jeremiah's Ghost by Isaac Constantine

"Isaac Constantine gracefully juggles the contradictions and inconsistencies that make us human.  His protagonist, Jeremiah, is edgy and dark, innocent and jaded, adrift in a search for his place in the world.  This debut novel is poignant and beautifully told."

-- Binnie Kirshenbaum, author of The Scenic Route

 Purchase the e-book edition today through MP Publishing, or at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and other retailers.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Remember, remember...

Isaac Constantine (author, activist) at Million Mask March, San Francisco, CA

November 5, 2013

Photo by Steve Rhodes, Online editor at San Francisco Bay Guardian

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Jeremiah's Ghost: An Apocalyptic Fantasy

MP Publishing (Oct. 2013)

Knight of Faith is excited to announce the release of Jeremiah's Ghost, my debut novel.  The book is now available for Kindle at Amazon.  Follow the link below to download a copy today.  A print version should follow in the coming months.  Buy the electronic version now to help ensure the book's success.  You can say you read it first.

Cover art: "Voids" by Fernando Marti  

The Sheep Meadow was closed that time of year, but he scaled the fence easily and made it to the center of the giant field in the little park on the small island on the tiny planet called Earth adrift somewhere in a galaxy of frightening dimensions, with interstellar distances too vast and empty for the mind’s comforts, too big to map (the diagrams he saw in science textbooks, the models at planetariums were like the maps explorers drew in the fifteenth century), beyond the scope of our very finest cameras and telescopes fumbling around in space, groping in the dark like Prufrock’s ragged claws on the floors of silent seas.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


(A Journey to the Centre of the Psyche with the Syntactic Pyromaniac)
By Sandra Lester

An extremely tetchy, trauma geyser is fizzing – as an obfusc, voodoo brew – beneath a serene, graceful surface: yet more of my unruly lifetime’s, stymied debris to excavate – from the Abbadonian, soul-stirring slime pit – and perspicaciously express. My psyche’s Patagonian mosquito has landed: drilling for blood, it pierces my soul as a psychotic maniac with a rubiginous syringe! Deep within my subconscious, Mnemosynian archives, there resides a jagged, gyte shard: I must extract this parlous, psychological artefact – succinctly as a piece of intricately miniated hydria – and circumspectly inspect it. My glyptic wisdom will scroll poetically into cryptic diction; ornate as exquisite mezzo-relievo. These curious, iconic epics will evolve into abstruse, chronological, psychological dossiers; then filed in an historic, confessional-elegy library. I am The Warring Harridan: a psychagogue, moulting my pneuma’s tedious onus by boundlessly fly-tipping versified ire – as eclaircissemental offerings – to volumes of personally quirky poetry books. My Bragian, internal brouhaha will be the theme of lengthy deliberation and criticism. My radical, Callopian cries will spansulise, and liberalize diatribes.